The Horn of Africa countries face tremendous challenges in their aspiration for an integrated development and maintenance of peace and security.

While all the countries in the region welcome an integrated economic development, their diversified outlooks in political and social development, as well as in the conduct of peace and security, pose serious challenges that need to be addressed through continued effort at sensitizing governments, civil society and private sectors to work towards this end.  

Ethiopia and many other developing countries have currently embarked on process of an immense growth and transformation. But perceived growth and transformation would not be complete without the transformation of the Horn of Africa region in the interest of its peoples and the world.

The current fight against fanaticism and irrationalism can only be enhanced through well-thought out political and developmental approach. Such an exercise would be in the interest not only of Ethiopia or the region, or Africa; it would be in the in the interest of the world as a whole.

There are challenges in Ethiopia, in the region and in Africa that emanate from the glaring absence or dearth of research and publications that articulate an African perspective on a variety of issues that are germane to peace, security development and governance.